Wednesday, March 28, 2012

8 Weeks

It has been 8 weeks since our lives were changes forever!  In some ways it has been the shortest 8 weeks and in others the longest.  I am watching my son sleep and stretch as I write this and I am still in awe of him.  How such a little person can change so many lives in such an amazing way.  He is forming such a personality now and for the most part is a happy baby.  Which makes me happy to write because the past couple weeks have been really hard.  He was having major acid reflux and GURD.  He is on 2 different medicines and special formula for it.  At times I really wondered if giving him the meds was worth it.  I can say now that yes they were. 

He makes the cutest little sound when he is happy, like Chewbacca from Star Wars.  He is alot more aware of the things around him and voices.  He also know what he wants and wants it when he wants it no questions asked.  We have found the changing table has magic powers because no matter how mad he is as soon as you lay him on it he is the happiest kid around.

I think he is going to have long arms and legs because most things that fit him size wise to to short in the arms and legs.  He has the darkest brown eyes and plump lips, it is hard to look at him and not be reminded of D because looking into his eyes are like looking into hers.  I am ok with that as strange as it sounds.  Because after my last post I received such amazing support and I know I am his mom and I am secure in that and it is ok if he has her eyes, they were beautiful eyes.

I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks are going to bring for us.  I hate to see them come but it is going to happen so I might as well enjoy them!




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