Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One month..already

It has been 1 month since our lives changed forever!  I want to sit and cry at how fast this time is passing.  I see so many changes in Noah it isn't even funny.  Aside from the growth, he really should be out of his newborn size cloths and in the 0 to 3 months but, I just can't do it yet!  He was able to fit into them ok until this past weekend, when I put the newborn size sleeper on him it looked like a bodysuit not a sleeper!  He is also on to the size 1 diapers too.  He is much more alert when he is up and will turn his head towards you when you say his name.  He has the biggest dark brown eyes, I think they are going to stay that color.  I also think they are going to get him out of ALOT of trouble later on in life, because he looks at you and it melts your heart!  I swear sometime he can just smile at you with his eyes.  I also think he is going to be very independent very quickly, last night when we were trying to get him down for bed he would spit his binkey out and then turn his head and stick his tongue out to try to get it back.  To be honest I am not surprised by it because D was a very independent strong-willed person herself, and he has me as a mommy!  Daddy is the one taking care of him full-time right now, and doing a great job at it.  I know it is hard on Joe some days but there is no other place I would want him since I can't do it myself!

Everyone in the family is head over heals in love.  My nephew who is 2 really loves him, for now anyway.  When we were visiting the other day he kept coming to me and saying "Noah, up!" "Noah, up!"  He was sleeping in his car seat.  A few times I went to check until I realized he wanted me to GET Noah up.  He covers him with kisses each time we see him he covers Noah with kisses.  My niece who is 5, she is a little harder to read but I know she was excited about him.  Last year for her birthday she asked her grandma if I would have a baby for it and grandma told her no, well this year we do!  I know she was a little unhappy it was a boy and not a girl.  I don't think she realizes that having a girl would mean having to share the title of princess, which she would NOT do happily. 

Stat tuned for more updates


Joe, Melinda and Noah



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