Sunday, March 18, 2012



I saw this poem on two other blogs that I follow and realized how true it is.  Even though I have meet Noah's birth mom and had become close to her the tought has entered my mind at least a million times.  How blessed we are that she choose us to be apart of his life.  We don't have the best relationship right now, more on that in a post to follow, but she is still a big part of us.  A part we could never forget. 


I tiptoed into your room one night.

I watched you sleeping there.

Your tiny body looked so snug

Wrapped in peaceful slumber's care.


I thought of how you came to be

The child we'd longed to know.

I wondered at the sight of you:

"How could she let you go?"


Tears streamed down my cheeks as I

Felt the pain she must have known.

For I will have to let you go

Some day when you are grown.


A mother I might never meet

Had given me her son.

Yet, surely as you've filled my heart,

A piece of hers you'd won.


"How could she let you go?"

The question kept returning.

And in the depths of my own heart.

A question kept on burning.


"How can I ever let you go

When years have come and gone?"

I stood there by your crib until

The nighttime turned to dawn.


And as the sun peeked through the shades,

The voice of God broke through.

"I trusted her to give him life

And now I'm trusting to you.


"To show him what is right and wrong,

to love him and to be

The one who teaches him the way

To come back home to me.


"He wasn't hers to give, you know.

And he's not yours to own.

I've placed him in your life to love

But he is mine … on loan."-Valerie Kay Gwin

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