Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday weekend

We made it through little guys birthday and party weekend!  It was busy and full of fun stuff but we survived.  Thursday was Noah's birthday and it was a great day.  We went to dinner with my parents, well just Noah and I did, Joe had to work, and then home to hang out.  I had made plans with D to talk that night but things happen and sometimes like for everyone things do go as planned and I was worried we wouldn't get to talk, but we did!  We had a great conservation and she is doing well.  We talked about the day Noah was born and how much he has grown over the past year and how fast it went.  It is like talking to family when we talk, I enjoy our conservations so much.
Saturday was Noah's party, he has such a great time.  Some of our friends and family didn't get to come because we were hit with a snow storm that day, and we missed them alot it was better they didn't try to come since they all had very long drives.  There was over 50 people there, all of who love Noah so much and have been there every step of the way with the adoption process and his life the past year.  He did great with his smash cake, and I mean to the point he had to get a bath in the sink of the kitchen at the hall.  But they are only 1 once and that was ok.  He got tons of great presents and is loving playing with them all. 
Sunday was just a kick back and relax day!  It marked the 1 year mark of Noah being placed with us.  It was a day I spent with mixed feelings.  I knew from talking to her that it was going to be a hard day for D and she entered our thoughts alot that day.  I wished so much I could be there to just give her a hug and spend even a hour with her.  So she had sometime with Noah.  I know that she doesn't regret her decision but I also know that it is hard.
Yesterday he has is 1 year check up!  He is grow right on track, weighing in at 21 lbs 6 oz and is 31 inches long.  The doctor said he are going to have a tall one on our hands.  He is finally getting his top teeth,  he has had the same 2 bottom teeth since September.  One has broke the skin already and the other is right behind it.  He also said the two beside those are going to be coming soon!  I really hope so that way we can move on to real food for the kid.  His two favorite things are peanut butter Cheerios and fruit chillers.  You can't have either without having to share!  He also loves trucks and my pizza tray.  At some point in the evening every night he gets it out. 
So all in all Noah's first birthday went off without to many problems and many tears for mommy!


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