Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday

Oh my amazing brown eyed little wonder, you are 1 today!  I still remember plain as day the moment you were born.  I play it over in my head all the time so I never forget.  I was lucky enough to be there to witness it; you took my breath away then and you still do now.  You had a full head of thick black hair, your daddy called you chia baby you had so much.  At your first cry I remember standing there thinking you were the most perfect person and that my life was never going to be the same again, good or bad.  In the first 30 seconds of you life you changed so many people and were loved by so many as well.  I have never experienced such love a first sight.  Yes I loved your cousins the second I saw them but this was different.  This was right, it was meant to be, it was perfect!  So many dreams, hopes and prayers were answered the moment you were born, was it to much to ask of such a small little person!  Were we putting to much on you, would we be the parents you needed?  Noah I am proud to say you have done all that and more and with such joy and happiness.  You have become a very independent little boy, with a major temper who has tried my patients at times over the past year, but I still love you anyway!  I try to tell myself that all this will help you down the road that you will not stop once you set your mind to something. 
You have grown so much from the 8 lb. 6 oz and 19 inches you were at birth.  In the past year you have gained over 11 lbs and grew over 11 inches.  You have gotten two teeth, learned to crawl and many other things.  You have had your first hair cut, you terrorize the dog and eat anything you can!  Your eyes and smile still light up a room and can get you out of almost anything.  They melt your mommy's heart!
I want to remember every moment that I can!  The way you used to hum in your sleep and now how you do it to keep yourself awake.  Or how you fit perfect in the crease of my neck when you fall asleep, like we are two perfect pieces of a puzzle make to be together.  Or find a tag on anything you can to suck on when you are ready to fall asleep. 
I have spent so much time wondering what you will become in life.  My perfect little man never give up, you can do anything you put your mind to and don't ever think anything else.  Will you take over the world like you  have mine?  Will you make small changes in the world, or big changes.  I hope that you grow to be a good many like your daddy and pappy.  I hope you learn to live and love without fear like your mommy.  Be everything and anything you want to be and can my little man! 
Mommy and daddy love you so very much and so do so many other people.

Happy Birthday Noah!

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  1. Happy Birthday Noah! I love the pictures your mom posted. You are such a cutie and clearly a delight to your mom. Wishing you and your parents all the best this birthday and always.