Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I love music, I always have and always will.  It can bring about joy, sadness, bring back a good memory.  Remind you of your first dance at school, your first love and break-up.  If can remind you of your first dance as husband and wife.  It gets you through the sad times and the happy times. Below are a few songs that I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers waiting to adopt, who have adopted, or even anyone who likes music.

This song was one someone sent to me when we first started the process.  I would cry and cry when I would listen to it because it is like someone was in my head and wrote my thoughts down and made a song.  I still love listening to it.

This song was out once Noah was born.  I just remember thinking how true the lyrics were.  It was like I had loved him for eternity before he came and I will after he came.  It came me strength when we were waiting on paperwork to be signed and his adoption to be finalized.  I would sing it to him at bed time and I still do.

I saw this song on a fellow bloggers page last night and thought WOW!  This is am amazing song about faith and adoption.  I really can't find the words right now on how I feel about it but I needed to share it.




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