Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still Here.....

I just realized the last update on Noah was when he was 8 weeks old, I am sorry I have not been such a good blogger and I am going to make a better effort to keep up.  Noah is now 4 months old, where does the time go?  He is getting so big, he was 25 inches long and weighted 13 lbs when he was at the doctor on May 31st.  He has rolled over a few times in the past week or so.  His hands and feet are the most amazing things to him and seem to appear magically each day, several times a day.  I have created a monster by chewing on his toes so much  that the minute he hears my voice he sticks his feet straight up in the air for me to chew them.  Then today he found out his foot can reach his own mouth!  He is more vocal and loves to "tell" stories.  He has this deep giggle too when you get him started.  He has a temper like no ones business.  We were able to start "solids" this week and have been giving him carrots, he loves them.  Next week we get to try bananas.

Noah is being baptized on Father's Day!  It is very important to Joe and I and we are glad we are able to get this done.  Our church and church family have been such a big part of our lives and our journey and we want to share this day with them.  For me to have this day come is extra special in the fact I never thought that I would have MY child baptized because I never thought I would have one.  Plus the fact that I was baptized, had my confirmation and got married in this church; so it is extra special for me.

We only have 2 visits left before our hearing for finalization of the adoption can be scheduled.  According to our social worker Meaghan we should be finalized by October at the latest.  We only have one more hurdle that we need to get over and we should have news on that any time now.  Our social worker does not expect any problems with it and it is more a formality but it is still scary that something can still keep us from becoming a legal family.  It's funny how each state's court system works.  The are two other fellow blogger s that each have son's; one was born in October of last year and has no court date for finalization in site.  The other's son was born two weeks after Noah and her adoption of her son was finalized weeks ago.  All three of us finalized in different states and have each had to deal with our struggles.  When I get frustrated that we are not finalized like our one blogger friend, I realized how lucky we are to at least have a date in sight.  I think she is handling things much better than I would be if I were her so you go girl!  I am using  you as my source of strength in this all!

It's funny as our visits come to an end and things are starting to wind down we keep getting asked from both agencies, will you do this again?  Have you thought about going back on the "waiting" list?  I would love to say without a doubt we would do it again, but I can't.  It is a very expensive process and with Joe being out of work for almost a year, the chances of having the money to do it again are pretty slim.  I will have to say he and I agree at this moment there are only 2 ways we would 100% without a doubt do it again.  The first is if D would call us down the road, yes we would do it.  The second is if our social worker in Las Vegas would call.  Other than that we don't know.  In no way do I want anyone to think we would not consider or that we do not want to.  I would have 10 kids if I were able to do it.  For right now we are going to just enjoy Noah and take things one step at a time.  God know what the master plan is and if it is in his plan for us to have another child then it will happen.  I would in no way change how things have turned out trust me, Noah is my life, but the process of adoption is such an intrusive and emotion thing, so I think I need a little recovery time as well, but that is a different story for a different day.

Here are a few pictures of our growing baby.  I promise that I am going to carve more time out to keep on top of things and keep you all updated, since you have all been so supportive and amazing on the hard part of the road, you deserve news on the good part.




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