Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time goes so fast

Wow is it really July!  I just realized that it has been a month since I lasted posted, and I remember saying I was going to be better about it.  I guess easier said than done. 

The month of June was a busy one for us and I think that is how I lost track of time.  Plus the heat has been crazy that is drains every ounce of energy a person has.

Noah was baptised on Father's Day and things went well.  I do have to say that morning when we got to church and realized that it had been moved to the basement I was not happy but after a little pep talk from my mom I quickly realized it was not about where it took place but that it took place and that the people who have supported us and loved Noah were there.  We had been planing a surprise 60th birthday party for my dad for months for that day to being with so we were able to use Noah as a cover for it.  It worked perfect.  We were able to spent the day with our family and celebrate.

He is getting so big and I swear grows over night sometimes.  He also learns something new each day, which sort of makes me sad in some ways.  The other night when I was feeding him before bed I was just sitting watching him and realized that I don't remember him being a small tiny baby and that makes me so sad because it wasn't that long ago.  I remember sitting in the hospital in Las Vegas trying to memorize every detail of him not wanting to ever forget him.  At that moment it was because I didn't know if I would be able to call him my son.  But some how it has slipped away.  I went and looked at our pictures from then trying to bring it back.  The thing that makes me sad is when I look at the pictures it bring back the memory of the stress and worry of what was going on and what would happen.  Yes things worked out, amazingly but still it is hard to remember the good from then. 

We got the news we were waiting for the week after his baptism from Las Vegas, that the hearing had taken place and the unknown birth father's rights had been terminated.  So the only thing left is the last two home visits, one is scheduled for this Thursday and then finalization.  Noah has always been our son and there is no questions for anyone once you seen Noah with Joe and I that he loves us.  But it will be nice to have it legalized, because in most situations we don't really have alot of rights at this point. 

 Other than that we are just loving our time with Noah and watching him grow.   He learns something new each day, but I long for the days passed.  We waited so very long for him and he is growing so fast.




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