Tuesday, June 7, 2011


the story of our lives since we started the adoption process.  At times it feels like you have to do paperwork for the paperwork.   Ok so that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.  Some of it gets so frustrating because it is the same stuff over and over again.  I can't help but wonder if some of it isn't to make you feel like you are doing something while the waiting is going on.  But I will do the pile of stuff that was emailed to us today and plant a tree to cover all the paper.

We did get 1 important piece of paperwork in the mail today...our updated homestudy.  We were so happy and excited to receive it!  When we first started this process we let fear of what people would think, say and do lead us to make some decisions that we would have made differently at the time.  It took a little bit of pushing but God finally helped us see that if people love us they will love "our" child no matter what race they are.  Who are we to decide what child should get a home and what child is worthy of our love and our families love.  Are we all not worthy of this?  I would love to think people will not see color when they look at a child and a family but the truth of it is they will, and that is ok.  We know there will be barriers that we will need to over come but I think that God will help guide us and see us through it.  When the day comes I will not say look at my black child, or my white child I will say this is my son or this is my daughter and I love them with every breath I take and would do ANYTHING for them.  And I can say that knowing it is true just by the things we did to have them as part of our family.


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  1. Cristen, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy following it. I think you are so right in the things you said and they are not cheesey! I think if I get a child that needs glasses they will judge, they will judge if they are over weight, or to skinny so why should the color of the skin matter?
    I think you are doing an Amazing job with Elijah and he is going to be such a great man for the things you are teaching him. If everyone would teach children that there is no different the world would be a better place but that is never going to happen!
    I hope that down the road if I need advise I know who to call!