Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello world!

Let me start out by saying hello and welcome to our blog for our adoption journey!  I have to admit I didn't come up with this idea myself and I have to say thanks Meg!  I am not sure if mine will be a great as yours but it seemed like a great idea to keep everyone up to date and maybe even a little like therapy!

So...Joe and I started our adoption journey about this time last year, wow to think it was a year ago, I remember like it was  yesterday the emotions and feelings I had at that time.  And to be honest I still feel all of them from time to time, and I think I will until we meet "our" child.  I have always known I would never be able to have a child and family the "normal" way but I never thought it would happen this way, funny how God works!  He also worked in letting me meet an amazing man who was on board to do this too.

It has been a long road so far and only God knows how much longer the road will be but I have on my best walking shoes and my praying knees ready.  My mom likes to tell me God is trying to teach me patience during this process, I keep telling her it is never going to work.  I do know that my relationship with God and my faith has gotten so much stronger and that is an amazing thing to experience.  It has also shown me the kindness of my family, friends, community and even strangers.  I just pray he continues to work in the same with us and them after we are placed and need the support with our child and relationship with his/her birth mother.

So please come along with us for the ride for how ever long it may be.



  1. Great entry! I think your blog is just perfect...its a great way to share with family and friends what's going on, plus connect to others who are going through the process like us. On there is a link to Open Adoption Bloggers, you can have your blog listed on there and will "meet" lots of other waiting mommas like you and me!

  2. Thanks Meg! I will look into that and let you know if I need help doing it. Having more people to talk to would be great! I am excited to get started on it!