Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The little things

There are so many times in life we all take the little things for granted.  For example I call my mother every day sometimes several times a day and never thought how lucky I was to just be able to do that.  Then in January when she had surgery I couldn't be there and she wasn't able to talk on the phone those few days of not being able to hear her voice hit me really hard!  What would I do without her, then it hit me my husband hasn't hear either of his parents voices in years.  Neither ever had the opportunity to meet his son!  How lucky mine are to see him grow everyday.
I take for granted I have food in my stomach and clothes on my back.  Yes most times Joe and I live pay check to pay check.  And times that isn't enough but for the most part not one of the 3 of us go without something.  We both have cars that run (for now anyway) a roof over our head and the love of family around us.
In talking to Noah's birth mother a few weeks ago about what we were getting our mother's for Mother's Day and what I thought Noah and Joe would get me this year it hit me with something she said.  I mean I LOVE the fact that she is comfortable enough to say what is Noah gonna get his mommy for Mother's Day!  I mean I want to cry now thinking about it, this is the woman who carried this child for 9 months and loved him and cared for him.  To say what is he gonna get his mommy and that happens to be me not her, wow!  I always tell people when they say I don't understand why you care, or why you talk to her, look at it this way.  She is a mommy in a way I never could be, and I am a mommy in a way she couldn't be at the time and together we are a perfect match for Noah.  Think about the love she had, to have for this child, to be able to say I can't care for him and place him in the arms of a woman she had know for 3 months and only met in person 48 hours before that.
In the conservation with her that evening we talked about the things Noah is doing as he is growing.  How he is learning something new everyday and learning colors, numbers, animals, and animal sounds.  Is he right handed or left (she is left that is why she asked).  Little things that most people would never even think to notice.  When I said he seems to be that he is going to be right handed because now that he is holding crayons and stuff it is with his right hand she said those are the things I miss, the scribbled on coloring pages that they think are master pieces!  We talked a little longer said our good-byes and made plans to talk soon!
A few nights later as I was standing in my kitchen cleaning up for the night I turned to get Noah's milk from the frig and I looked at all his Master Pieces he brings home daily from daycare.  I thought, God am I lucky to have my frig covered in these, all because of her!  But for weeks I have taken them for granted and thrown the old ones out as new ones come, let's be honest you can only keep so many of them.  So over the past couple weeks as the old ones come down they have been put in a special place in our home and kept to send to a special woman on a special day coming up.
I am secure enough in my position in Noah's life as his mother to say he is her flesh and blood I can't change that, nor would I want to!  The day before Mother's Day is Birth Mother's Day, yes is it a real day, and she will be receiving the little things in the mail from "our" amazing little boy!
So stop and enjoy the little things once in a while, out there someone is dying to just be able to experience them!


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