Saturday, August 3, 2013

18 months

Wow where has the last 18 months gone?  Noah is now a year and a half old, or 544 days old.  Ok I know what is an extreme but I had to do it.
I actually almost forget that Wednesday was the 18 month mark to be honest.  Life has been so busy at our home right now that the days seem to run together.  I must of wrote the day 100 times at work before it hit me it was the 31st, and even then I had to sit and count the months.  Then recount them because I knew there was no possible way that I was right.  This couldn't be happening, time can't be going this fast.
There are times I look at Noah and I still see my little baby and other's I have to take a second look because I think where has this little boy come from.  He is growing so fast, he has out grown his shoes from the beach already and even some of the clothes he had from there.  That was just 6 weeks ago!
Along with the growth has come a major attitude!  He loves to get his own way and will just yell at you in what ever language he seems to be speaking that day.  Temper tantrums seem to come a little easier with him.  I have found if I don't make a big deal over it and ignore him they seem to stop pretty quick.
He is getting his molars in right now so he is chewing and biting everything he can and that you let him.  Including people if he can, we are working on that one.
He loves Mickey Mouse, Jake the Pirate, Sophia the first and Doc McStuffins.  I don't really fuss to much about them because they all teach learning, sharing and helping others.  He LOVES music, any type really but loves to jam out to Joan Jett, he is such an 80's!
He is feeding himself with a fork and spoon if you put the food on it for him.  The spoon is a little messier but he is learning.  
He is learning what sounds go with what items.  He gets his trucks and pushes them going "beep,beep"  As soon as songs he likes comes on the radio or TV he starts jumping around and dancing.
I was talking to my mom and I said I miss his baby stage so much and don't remember him being so little.  But I know in a year I will be saying I miss this stage and don't remember it either!  
It almost doesn't seem fair that God gives us such an amazing gift but let's time fly by so fast!


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