Monday, February 17, 2014

Cabin Fever

This has been such a long cold winter with more snow that I care to talk about here in Western PA.  We have had more days in negative temperatures than I can even remember and it pretty much snows 3 plus inches a day.  The snow piles are so high at the ends of driveways most people can't even see to get out.  We have to shovel paths in the yard for the dog to go out and you can't see our neighbors first 3 steps going to their front porch.  People are having to shovel roofs and have ice several feet long hanging from houses.  The snow on our back deck is almost as high as our patio table.  Add a two year old to the mix as well and you have a ticking time bomb in the making.  You know you have a problem when you fight with your husband over a $2.00 bottle of soda!  I am more and more convinced that we need to encourage Noah to go to college some place warm and then stay there so Joe and I can retire there with him and his family!

This snow on the side with the banister is thrown so high it is higher than the SUV I drive.
This is our neighbors steps. 
The angle of this picture doesn't really show how high the snow is.

I am not a great winter weather person to begin with, so this winter has been really hard.  I used to be embarrassed to say it but I get the winter blues so bad, I mean really bad, but this year is worse than anything I remember.  I am a warm weather person, I love the sun and sand, the warmth of it on my skin.  I love to be in the water or near the water, I swear my parents switched me at birth with the wrong family!  I don't belong in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  My feet don't belong in thick wool socks with heavy winter boots on them, no matter how cute they are!  Seeing my parents swimming pool buried in feet of snow just depresses me even more, because I don't think it will ever melt enough for us to swim this summer. 
As I said earlier, on top of being stuck in the house add a 2 year old to it, plus the issue with my mom.  The last time we had this much snow we were in the early process of adoption looking for an agency, doing research things like that.  So being stuck in the house was no big deal!  I could do research, get the nursery together, heck watch a movie or even take a nap no big deal.  This time around is so different.  I love my son so much so please don't think I am complaining.  I have loved the one on one time with him and watch him develop so much over the winter.  But he has become VERY attached so even going to the bathroom has become difficult.  Most days a boom has gone off in my living room and I am embarrassed to say the below pictures were taken on a calm, clean afternoon. 

I know this to shall pass.  My winter blues will go away and my summer joy will be here soon.  I will look back and miss this time with Noah, because he won't want to be in the house with me soon.  He won't care that I left the room to hide in the bathroom for a few minutes.  Yes I did just say that please don't judge me!  I will miss having to clean up trucks, trains and building blocks.  I will miss watching him learn new things each day, like his animal sounds, and new words.  Him interacting with the shows on television.  Thinking about all the time I have had with Noah this winter and the time I will never get back might help me to get through the remainder of this winter.
I guess there is a silver lining to every dark cloud!

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