Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2 years old

Wow Noah, I can't believe it!  You are 2 now, where has the time gone!  Your growing into your own person now and are so independent about everything!  Your talking like crazy now and picking up everything others say and do.  Right now the words of the moment are mine, icky (Mickey), choo choo and help! Help is used at all times and all places so it can get a little embarrassing! 
You started a new daycare last week because grandma isn't able to watch you now and you have adjusted so well.  It amazes me how easily you adapt to new things.  You have no fear of anything, sometimes that worries me but others it makes me happy.  Having that quality will get you far in life. I see a lot you myself in you with that and hope you never lose it like I did a little bit.
Not a day goes by that you don't make me laugh with something silly you have done, like try to walk around with your pants at your ankles, pull a funny face, wear my shoes or just act silly.  You melt my heart daily too with you random hugs, smiles and kisses for no reason what so ever.  Like at bedtime right before you fall asleep you will sit up and give me a kiss like it has to be the last thing you need to do before you fall asleep.
I love to watch your eyes as your experiencing new things or even old things and think they are the most amazing things in the world!  The joy in your face is just amazing to me and I can't stop thinking of how lucky that I am that I was chosen to be your mommy.
I think my most favorite thing is hearing you say mommy!  It is a name I will never get tired of being called.  I love when you just call mama mama when your looking for me in the house.  Or when I get home from work, your so excited to see me as if I am the most amazing person if your life.  You have really become a mommy's boy these past few months.
I can't wait to see what this upcoming year has to bring for you and how you will grow and explore life.


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