Monday, September 9, 2013

Where to go from here

I have spent a lot of time thinking over the past few weeks as to if it is maybe time to just bow out from the blog.  When I started this it was to keep family and friends informed about how our adoption was going.  It then turned into more of a, this is what the adoption process is like.  Even the first year was look how much Noah has grown and this is where things are at with the finalization of the adoption. 
Here we are just a few days away from Noah’s adoption being finalized for 1 year!  He is 19 and ½ months old and what is there really to talk about. 
Yes Noah is growing into an amazing little boy.  He is climbing onto everything, and most things he should be.  He has learned if he sticks his toes in the links on the baby gate on the steps he can get himself up high enough to get over it.  The dog’s cage has become his personal step ladder to get things we try to keep up from him.  The middle of the dinning room table has become his own personal winners block and he stands on it all the time.  I am pretty sure some day I am going to find him pulling on the blades of the fan above the table.  As much as these things drive me crazy I know it is part of him growing and they are exciting to me at least.  But do other people want to hear about it? 
We do have contact with Noah’s birth family but to be honest it is pretty minimal, so it isn't like I have that to talk about.  I don’t think it is any 1 person’s fault that contact has slowed down, but it has happened.  Our life is busy with 2 working parents and a 19 month old.  They are just as busy and have just as many things going on.  I wish we were in contact more but life happens I guess.  We don’t avoid each other and when 1 or the other reaches out the other always answers back.  I am sure distance has a lot to do with it and it makes it hard for visits and things.  I hope in the future we do get to visit with them. 
So this is where I am at, where is there to go from here?  I have met so many amazing people and know it is because of my blog.  But what is left to say?  What do people really want to hear.


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  1. Melinda,
    Do what your motherly instincts tell you to do! Or, just blog when you feel up to it. Women are under so much pressure to be everything and do everything! Maybe cut down to one post per month? I enjoy your heartfelt messages but I also COMPLETELY understand how being in a two-working parent household with young children can be overwhelming. No matter what you decide, just know that your words have mattered!

    Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of The Eye of Adoption