Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Noah update

I realized the other day I haven't wrote a post for a few weeks.  I have had so much going on yet not a lot to write about.  I know that makes SO much sense (insert roll of the eyes).  But really there hasn't been. 
Noah is growing like crazy.  He was 16 months old on Friday; I have no idea where the time has gone.  He had our first ER visit about 3 weeks ago, not an experience I am in a rush to have again.  I was home alone when it happened and was not able to get the bleeding stopped to see where it was coming from let alone get him calmed down and me calmed down.  Thank God my cousin was home and was able to come and help me out.  He didn't need stitches and things have healed up very nice.
When he has his check up the beginning of May he was over 30 inches long and was 24 lbs.  He is growing right on track.  And it never fails something they think could be a concern he decides to the night we leave or the very next day.  At his visit the nurse decides to tell the doctor him walking should be a concern.  Noah has been "walking" for months to be honest.  Holding on to push toys, chairs, walls he just wouldn't do it on his own.  I didn't really push the issue and the doctor was less than happy she said it the way she did with us there.  To say the least the following week he took off!  He is walking everywhere he can.  Crawling onto the furniture and standing at the windows, chasing the dogs, you name it. 
We have been trying to get him on to a Sippy cup for awhile now but couldn’t find one he would take, because to be honest he was being lazy and wouldn’t tip the cup and his head back to drink from it.  We had finally found on that had a straw in it he would drink from a few months ago.  Well last week I tried one of the other ones we had at the house we got as a gift for is milk for his afternoon nap and it was a hit!  We now only use a bottle at bed time and I feel 100% sure I could lose that one if I wanted to but I can’t bring myself to do it.  It is like once the bottles are gone my baby is gone and I am so not ready for that. 
He loves to be outside and is at the door the minute we get home at night to get outside, never mind the fact we all need to eat dinner first.  Coming in at night to bath is a fight since it is light out until close to 9 at night now. 
So that is my Noah update for now!

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