Sunday, September 9, 2012

While he sleeps...

I try to squeeze so much into that time and for some reason the blog always gets put off and I am sorry.  Our house has been getting used to new schedule and alot of one parent time with Noah due to work schedules. 

Noah has grown alot in the past few weeks.  He is eating everything and everything you give him and yells when you don't give it to him fast enough.  From our 4 month check up to our 6 month check up he gained 4 lbs.  which was a little bit of a shock but also a happy site since he wasn't really gaining a ton of weight with the spitting up so much and everything.  That has seemed to slow down a great deal now which makes mommy and daddy happy.  He is sitting up on his own, when he chooses to that is.  He gets up like he is going to crawl but just rocks and rocks and then gives up.  So I do think he will be crawling very soon.  He is "talking" away when you let him and loves to laugh at the dogs.  The dogs look at him like he is nuts which just makes him laugh more and harder.

He has become quick a pappy's boy over the past few months, especially since my mom started to watch him for us.  I think all 3 of them are going to be lost come October when Noah starts going to daycare and not Grammy and pappy's house. 

Each day my heart grows with the love I have for him.  I didn't think it was possible to love him more than the day he was born and I am proved wrong each day.  Being a mom is everything and more than I ever thought possible.  I told my mom a few weeks ago I wasn't really living before Noah came into my life and the only thing I EVER wanted was to be a mother.  That has happened now and when the time goes I can die a happy woman. 

Enjoy the new photos of Noah.

Love Melinda


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  1. Oh Melinda, it is wonderful to see him :) I am so glad you are a mommy!!