Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not much

has been going on since I last posted.  There has been a little activity with our profile at the agency.  A few weeks ago there was more activity in 2 days than in the past 8 months, needless to say it was a very stressful 2 days with very little sleep and alot of last minute decisions.  On a Tuesday afternoon we got a text message from our social worker to check our email.  There was an email about 3 different situations,  that is what they are called at the agency, and they wanted to know if we wanted to be considered.  After much thought and arguing and prayer, we had to say no to all 3 of them.  From time to time agencies get calls from county CYS agencies about children for adoption that is what all 3 of these were.  The down side was they were sibling groups and after alot of thought we decides would could not go from a family of 2 to a family of 4 overnight.  As much as it hurt me to say no, I also needed to look at being able to take care of the children they way we needed to.  Then when I emailed our social worker to tell her our decision she had another situation from the same county, the baby was due the next day!  We said yes to that one.  We found out last week the mom had the baby, a little boy.  There is alot of red tape involved and alot of monitoring from the county that will be needed and with our distance from the county it doesn't seem that it will work out for us.  We do ask that you pray for some friends of ours that we meet at some meetings through the agency.  They are being considered as well for the same situation, they live much closer to the county and if it can't work out for us who better than a family we have grown to love!!

We have also had a birth mom find us through some listings I placed on-line and we have been in regular contact with her.  I am not sure where this will lead and what will happen.  I do know that it has been an eye-opening thing and I have some personal struggles with some aspects of this.  This is something I need to deal with on my own and with God.  He knows what is in my heart and that is all that matters.  I pray that this mom finds peace with what she decides to do and what path she plans to take.  I can't imagine what the birth mom's go through to make this decision and this mom is trying to do it on her own with no help from an agency.  I think she worries about having some sort of contact with the adoptive family because she has 2 other children.  I am really trying to keep my heart guarded until she contacts our agency and we get the go ahead that we were chosen.  I will keep you updated as we go with it. 

So that is what is going on for now.  I promise I will try to be better and not wait so long in between updates!  Reading back through the post I guess not much isn't a good!



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