Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I can't believe that it is Mid January already!  It always seems that with the holidays I lose track of time and this year seems to be worse than most.  I have to admit I haven't been handling life very well right now.  I feel like things are spiraling out of control.  I know that things are not about me right now but feeling so helpless in it doesn't help.
Our holidays were nice and quiet for the most part.  Just time with the family and relaxing.  Saying Santa treated Noah well would be an understatement.  He received much more than most children do and I know I am not helping to do that but I buy what I budget for and that is what he gets.  It is just all the extras he gets from Aunts and Uncles and grandparents!  But I take that as a sign that he is loved by so many people, and that is a blessing in its self!
Our New Years Eve was very quiet and a far cry from what they used to be and that is ok.  That means God has blessed us with a family to stay home with and not be at parties and bars all night like we used to.  We had a fun filled night of hot dogs and the movie Monsters University; and I wouldn't change it for the world.
Thing went down hill that weekend with me getting sick with a terrible chest cold and a temperature of over 104 for several days. I was sure it was the flu and went to our local urgent care to be checked and thank God it wasn't; just a bad cold.  By Monday evening Noah and Joe both had a touch of it, but not as bad.  Here we are almost a week later and I starting to feel a little better just really run down.
Noah has some changes coming up for him he has his big 2nd birthday in about two weeks, where has the time gone!  The beginning of February he will be starting at a new daycare.  We needed to move some things around for the days we needed daycare and I am sad to say business owners just don't care sometimes.  After waiting for 3 days for a call back from his current provider we finally made the decision to just find another place that cared.  I am upset about the lack of caring; not having to move him.  It is just with everything else going on right now this should have been the last thing I needed to worry about.  Joe's feelings are the fact that we are having to deal with this on top of things is reason enough to leave.  You don't not call back one of your children's parents to see what the problem is when they call you and leave two messages and then show up to talk to you and you can't be bothered to call back at all.  I am angry about that but it is what it is and maybe it is a blessing that I can't see yet.  The new place is a small center that is in the ladies home.  She is licensed by the state so I know that she is inspected and things and I also know that she will have alot less kids.  The student to teacher ratio is going to be much better and there are more kids Noah's age there.  I also think she is going to be more approachable about things and more flexible.  So I am praying for a smooth transition for Noah over the next couple weeks.
I don't want to and can't go into detail but I am also asking you pray for my family over the next several weeks for other things.  If you pray for my family God will know what you are asking for and it would really mean alot to us.
Thank you for understanding me not wanting to talk about it and being a support.  So if I don't post alot over the next few weeks please know it is because I have alot going on and will post when I get time.


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