Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thank you Birth Mother's

Did you know tomorrow is Birth Mother's Day? So thankful for the mother whose choice for Eli made me a mom <3

I sit here and find myself without words yet again this year on Birth Mother's day.  I could try until the end of time to try to express the love I have not just for Noah's birth mother but all birth mother's.  The ability they have to look past their own wants, emotions and feeling to see what they feel is the best for their child is the most amazing thing.  That is a sign of a true mother. 
I want to take this moment to thank Noah's birth mother for answering so many prayers for us and blessing me with the ability to be a mommy add love Noah with all my heart.  I work hard each day to live up to the promises I made you.  He has been such a joy and blessing and is loved so much.



  1. Melinda,
    I know precisely how you feel. Saturday was Birth Mother's Day, Sunday was Mother's Day, and today (Monday) is my husband Jeff's 50th birthday and our adopted son's 3rd birthday. I am feeling emotionally overwhelmed and so is my son's birthmother. We talked for a long time last night. The conversation was sweet and tender, yet draining. I know you understand! Thanks for showing such respect for the women who made us mothers!!!

    Jody Cantrell Dyer
    Author The Eye of Adoption: the true story of my turbulent wait for a baby

    1. Jody thank you very much. It can be hard sometimes. I just want people to still respect the decision they made at the time.
      I actually downloaded your book yesterday and am looking forward to reading it. I didn't know you had a blog I am going to check it out.

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